Welcome to Forever Young Photography

This is Us.
You can call me Becky and my husbands name is Mike, We hope you are as exctied as we are to be your photographers. Mike and I have been together since high school.
We love being together as a family with our son, traveling, cooking,
photographing and trying new restaurants.

We are blessed to have the opportunity on occasion to get in the car and just go!

I can't wait for our next adventure, Even though I have no idea where it will be.

We have traveled down Route 66, Across the WIld West, Route 1 and more.
We are a perfect mix of opposites, I like old, he likes new, I like to cook, he likes to bake.
We find we compliment each other quite well.
We decided to create our home here in Port Washington,with a 100 year old beautiful Victorian.
We love everything about it, from its charm and beauty to the creeks in the old floor.
We are doing a few renovations over the next few years, so if you love old homes,
decorating, and renovations I'm sure you can keep me talking...
Our main office is in the parlor room of this house.
Its quaint and cozy, perfect for our consultation meetings with brides,

seniors and anyone else who would like to meet with us prior to their session.

However, our studio space is located in downtown Port Washington.

We love this sweet little town and counldn't think of a better place to operate our business.
If you want to stay in touch on all the things going on we would love for you to join us in our Facebook Community Groups as well as our blog to hear aboutour adventures in home renevations, family, our travel adventures, and of course our growing photography business.
We love that God is constantly at work in our lives surprising us and guiding us down His path.

Now I bet your wondering when you get to meet us!

Our hourly sessions for families, seniors and young children are done

exclusively by Becky either on location or in the studio.
If you’re getting married however you’re likely to see both of us.

Mike and I photograph weddings together.

Mike has also taken on our commercial part of business

where we photograph products for local and online businesses.

Now, If you really hang around long enough you may even see all 3 and/or 4 of us...

By that I mean you may meet our son or my assistant Marcy.

We are a team and you may find us all working around the studio

or our little guy hanging out asking if he can play with your kids.

PS... I love coffee so if you want to sit down and chat about a session,
mentorship, networking or just want to get to know me send me a message.

We are 1 in 59 families  affected by Autism.

What's in a name?

Ours is a Bob Dylan song.

We went to the PROM together!

Infertility is the
biggest heartbreak
I've ever known. 
We have 1 little miracle