Welcome to Forever Young Photography

We are happy your here and so glad you want to get to know us.

We are your photographers Becky and Mike, Mike and I have been together since high school.

We love being together as a family with our adorable son, traveling, cooking and trying new restaurants.

We are a perfect mix of opposites, I like old, he likes new, I like to cook, he likes to bake.

We find we compliment each other quite well.

We recently moved to our home in Port Washington, a 100 year old beautiful Victorian.

We love everything about it, from its charm and beauty to the creeks in the old floor.

We are going to be doing a few renovations over the next few years, so if you love old homes,

decorating, and renovations I'm sure you can keep me talking...

Our studio is in the parlor and enclosed patio of this house.

Its quaint and cozy, perfect for milestone sessions and those

sweet little newborns who come to visit me.

We will do our best to keep you updated through our Facebook Groups

and blog about house projects, family, our growing photography business and

how God is constantly at work in our lives.

Our hourly sessions for families, seniors and young children are done exclusively by Becky.

If you’re getting married however you’re likely to see both of us.

Additionally we are also now offering mentorship programs and education classes for photography

privately as well as through our group events as a co-instructor at Rendering Roots Education.

PS... I love coffee so if you want to sit down and chat about a session,

mentorship, networking or just want to get to know me send me a message ;)



We try whenever possible to support local businesses and organizations, You can find us at these local events.

If you are interested in networking opportunities and cross promotion please contact us!

What's in a name???

Ours... Is a Bob Dylan Song...

Super Saturday

September - Friedens Church

"I have amazing clients and love what I do. I am able to be at home for my son and still provide for my family.

I couldn't ask for anything better.

Thank you all for allowing me to capture beautiful memories for you!" ~Becky

Community Support

We've been married 

10+ years

We went to the PROM together!

Dunwiddie Elementary School

September- Dessert Social

Meet the Team

Infertility is the

biggest heartbreak

I've ever known. 

We have 1 little miracle <3